Lawyer Ertan SABUNCU, who is the founder of Sabuncu Law Firm, started his career as a lawyer by graduating from Başkent University Faculty of Law in 2007. Lawyer Ertan Sabuncu, who has been working as a lawyer since 2008, specializes in all kinds of lawsuits based on Commercial Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Family Law and Business Law, and especially corporate law.

The addition Lawyer Ertan Sabuncu, Turkey, organized by the Bar Association TCK, CMK, Reconciliation, attended the Expropriation Law and Sports Law Certificate Program and has demonstrated success in this area. Av.Ertan Sabuncu speaks English fluently.


Lawyer Ebru Sabuncu completed her law education at Başkent University Faculty of Law. After completing his internship in 2008, he stepped into the law profession and worked as an active self-employed lawyer by being registered with the Ankara Bar Association for five years. During his law internship, he participated in the certificate program on Commercial Law and Bank Special Transactions at the Bank and Trade Law Research Institute within Ankara Law for one year, and the company succeeded in bank litigation and enforcement proceedings. Ziraat Bank of Turkey between 2010-2012 Headquarters Agreement was signed several executive proceedings as a lawyer.

Lawyer Ebru Sabuncu, after marrying Lawyer Ertan Sabuncu in 2012, is performing her legal practice at the Eskişehir Bar Association and working in connection with Yalova Law Office in Ankara. Lawyer Ebru Sabuncu is mainly practicing law in the fields of Commercial Law, Contract Law, Real Estate Law, Labor Law and Family Law.


She graduated from Başkent University Nursing and Health Services undergraduate degree in 2008. She worked as a nurse for 10 years. She graduated from Maltepe University Law Faculty in 2018. After graduation, he completed his internship at Sabuncu Law Office. She has been working at Sabuncu Law Firm since December 2019.

She operates in the fields of Health Law, Medical Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Labor Law. He is fluent in English.


Since 2005, he has worked as a law enforcement service officer in the law offices operating in Eskişehir province and since 2017 he has been working at the Sabuncu Law Office.
He worked with contracted lawyers of companies and institutions in order to carry out debt follow-ups, mortgage follow-ups, sales transactions and pre-follow-up collections of insurance companies, some public institutions, state and private banks and various companies.

Since 2008, it has been carrying out the procedures for the collection of damages that the victims must receive in all accidents with material damage, injury and death.


As of 2014, he started to work on law enforcement service and business follow-up at the law offices in Eskişehir and since 2016, he continues to work in SABUNCU LAW OFFICE.